Who Are You?

It all starts with the answers to this question.

Who are you as a company? Who are you as a brand? What do you offer? Who do you serve?

Before anything can happen, these questions need to be answered.

White Studios works with our clients to uncover the answers and gain clarity for themselves and their customers.

Where Are You Going?

There are as many paths as there are people and businesses.

The work is in deciding on where you want to go. Where do you want to be in three months, one year or even five years?

Starting with your goals, we work with our clients to find the fastest and most effective way to get there.

We help create a road map and make sure that you don’t get lost in the complex and crazy landscape that is modern-day marketing.

How Are You Going To Get There?

With over 25 years experience, we have seen the market change dramatically. Nothing stays the same – this is especially true with marketing your business.

White Studios collaborates with a select group of professional experts to provide you with the latest innovations, best practices, and design capabilities available – to help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.

The natural products industry is an incredibly difficult one to be a marketer in. With the unique rigors of working within a federally regulated environment, often we must be creative in how we can communicate our messages to our consumers. Kimberly and the White Studies team are true storytellers and excel at bringing creative visions into reality. In addition, her past experience in the retail world makes her a valuable asset regardless if marketing B2B or B2C. Share your needs, your budget, and your timelines, and White Studios will make it happen!

Ryan Sesenbrenner, Director of Marketing, Enzymedica

Working with White Studios and Kimberly was nothing short of transformational. Her strong graphic design sense coupled with her expertise in branding made for the perfect blend of art and science. White Studios, under Kimberly’s direction, is a strategic and intuitive partner that consistently provides a final product that exceeds our expectations.

Erin McLeod, President and CEO, Friendship Centers

Kimberly and the White Studio team have been a remarkable extension of Redd Remedies providing expertise in areas of social media, SEO, web development, marketing, design, writing and so much more. The White Studio team has taken us to the next level as they focus all of these activities on a clear plan for growth.

Dan Chapman, Founder and CEO, Redd Remedies

Kimberly and her team have done a tremendous job in helping Genius Central refine its marketing strategy, messaging and create motivation in its content. It supports our transition from old media to online and provides search performance. Her ability to plan and execute to achieve company objectives have been critical to helping GC turn its' performance around. For us the icing on the cake is her deep familiarity with our company’s products and services and the industry we serve.

Linda Sheehan, Founder and CEO, Genius Central

Kimberly and her team at White Studios were instrumental in helping our company rebrand and relaunch our consumer brand with an entirely new e-commerce website, digital strategy and collateral package. This was a project we’d been struggling to complete for nearly 3 years on our own, but once White Studios got on the scene, we got it across the finish line in months!

Ami DeWille, Director of Marketing, Natural Immunogenics Corp.

There are a zillion ways to reach out to potential clients and I find it frustrating trying to figure out in which direction to go. That is where Kimberly shines. She took time to listen with an open mind to my hopes and dreams for my business. She combined that with her marketing background to create a strategy that is so straight forward, easy and beautiful that I feel confident about moving forward.

Jane Barr, iPEC certified Executive Coach