Building the Relationship


The natural products industry is an incredibly difficult one to be a marketer in. With the unique rigors of working within a federally regulated environment, often we must be creative in how we can communicate our messages to our consumers. Kimberly and the White Studies team are true storytellers and excel at bringing creative visions into reality. In addition, her past experience in the retail world makes her a valuable asset regardless if marketing B2B or B2C. Share your needs, your budget, and your timelines, and White Studios will make it happen! 
Ryan Sensenbrenner, Director of Marketing, Enzymedica


Enzymedica, a Florida-based company, was founded in 1998 with the purpose of improving health through the use of natural medicine. They strive to create unparalleled products that improve the overall wellness of customers and to empower them to take control of their health in a simple, meaningful way. With multiple awards and sales across the globe, Enzymedica is the #1 selling brand of enzyme products in America.


  • Created email strategy for both their professional line and their consumer line of products
  • Developed informative product pitch books for the retail sales team