Genius Central

On Target Messaging

Kimberly and her team have done a tremendous job in helping Genius Central refine its marketing strategy, messaging and create motivation in its content. It supports our transition from old media to online and provides search performance. Her ability to plan and execute to achieve company objectives have been critical to helping GC turn its’ performance around. For us the icing on the cake is her deep familiarity with our company’s products and services and the industry we serve.
Linda Sheehan, Founder and CEO, Genius Central


Genius Central, founded in 2000, is a national supply chain technology software provider, serving over 1,000  retail outlets and over 1,000  vendors. They process more than 2 million orders annually.


White Studios was engaged to help clarify and focus marketing message and strategy, and to develop and implement an online marketing strategy:

  • Created strong marketing messages
  • Developed marketing language for a very complex business with many different products and two distinct audiences
  • Designed distinct look/palette for each market segment / each product
  • Changed the focus of inbound marketing to speak to the customer
  • Developed the online marketing strategy



Genius Central